SC Conalcri Prod LLC provides optimal solutions, offers varied and unique ideas for any room furniture, be it a home, office or commercial and public spaces.

Having a vast experience of 10 years in the production of chipboard furniture, with a staff of 70 specialists, equipment and latest technology, we guarantee fast execution and quality products.

The company is member of the Association of Furniture Producers in Romania, one of the largest consumers of raw materials prefabricated mobile industry in the center of the country.

Conalcri operates in two sectors: custom furniture and furnishings in the series.

Distribution of the number is performed by reselling stores in 37 counties and is constantly expanding.

he section of furniture services extend to every detail, such as:

  • Consulting
  • Measurements
  • 3D Design
  • Optimization for reducing losses of raw materials
  • Space optimization
  • Transport
  • Fitting

SC Conalcri Prod LLC offers an extremely wide range of material types, colors, textiles, finishes, etc..

Our company can offer the best quality at the best price, whether you choose furniture in series or custom furniture.

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